About Us


Our Approach is to

Compose compelling short video storytelling Video storytelling tailored to customer audience and marketing channel. 

We offer…

Voice over dynamic 7 to 30 sec ads

Video game quality 3D/2D animation

Video ads designed for Instagram and YouTube

Brand Research and development

500 word content for websites

We also offer packages that contain a little of all of the above.

Our intent is to inject value filled services into a curated audience.

Our Story

We’re a unique mixture of old and new school marketing. From seasoned pros to the very young and brilliant, we reside from Orange County California to the southeast, we are a growing team of professionals.

All of us part of an amazing talent pool ready each day to produce the richest and most responsive content on the web.

Meet the Team with Voice Over Professional Cathi Patino

We compose to gage, engage,motivate, and propel the trending human experience.

Barbara Cerda / Product Master


Cathi Patino / Voice Over and Broadcast Media Master


Mario Patino

Graphic Designer

20+ of writing/editing technical, financial, economic and publishing

Education: Biotechnology/Economics and finance and banking

Published Author

Marketing Associate / Project Management


30+ years in professional voice over in radio commercials, story-telling, and ad messaging. Her amazing voice can be heard nationwide in various marketing projects, with the latest being Farmers Insurance and Masters in Broadcast Communication


Montavius Walton

 Web Designer/Sales