Story Adz Summary

The presence of videos in digital marketing is a proven driver of revenue by   49%.

Story Adz utilizes powerful microburst of rich compelling content targeting influencers on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram including other SNS.

  • Story Adz shock and awe tactic targets the primary source of SNS influencers Generation Z.
  • Through increased use of devices, it’s becoming the most agile solution to low cost marketing.

Story Adz, is an ultra short form digital marketing format designed to produce 7 to 30 second customizable storytelling.

  • Story Adz will accompany scalable plugins and apps designed specific to client business stories.
  • The promise is to deliver neural storms that create social media market share buzz.
  • According to Filmora 2018 will be a bell weather year heralding the coming changes in digital marketing and consumer behavior.

Story Adz agility intends to advantage a growing social media market shaped increasingly by influencers globally community by community.


  • According to L2 organic markets favors micro burst of engaging content
  • This works best on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, with Instagram being the surprise darling of social media.
  • SEO rich longer form text keeps its place on blogs and websites but will be relegated as a product of robust conversions created by Story Adz.

Story Adz is an important player in re-textualization of how consumers shop…. for services, products, knowledge, entertainment.

Story Adz is the 7 to 30 second solution to gage, engage, enlighten, motivate, persuade rising social media viewers.

Our intent is to inject value filled services into a curated audience.

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