Story Adz is rolling out weekly newsletters that will include hints on how you may rediscover YouTube marketing.

We design content with a bespoke Attitude

Story Adz is a seductive form of outreach that’s embodied in a 60 second voice over video ad. Infomercials are a brilliant market penetrating tool that we think you’ll like.

Based on the appeal of 60 second customized videos, it’s designed for small and midsize businesses as an economical branding and marketing tool.

We enjoy what we do. So, creating great digital content is almost effortless.  Most importantly, we listen.

As content masters, we value your opinions. They define how we engineer and reengineer marketing solutions. When it comes to promoting your business, the world should be your toolbox. Use feedback and daily consumer trend data dumps to achieve goals.

Storylines about you and your business spark increase in the consumption of your product or service. That’s why we listen… actively. With Branding strategies within existing digital marketing infrastructures like YouTube and Instagram, you reap the benefits of both paid and organic growth.

Digital content connects while instantly conveying calls to action.  

This makes you a Rock Star!

And while we’re at it… think infomercials to get your message across. Short microburst of knowledge is engaging and reshapes what a consumer may not know he wants.


It’s test, engage and follow through on performing content, to create an active consumer. Because great organic content can convert influencers while enhancing paid marketing.  You’ll find that higher performing organic content is well rewarded. This becomes a well you can draw from time and again.


Organic growth shines a light on your digital wares while increasing brand awareness. Paid advertisement unlocks your brand recognition.

It takes close watching of projected trends, embracing those trends and then acting upon them with strategic SEO rich content.

A 500-word web copy may not fit the promotional need that a 60 second voice over infomercial on YouTube can offer. Traditional advertisement may be replaced with on the edge content that peaks the interest of untapped consumer markets. Our voice over infomercial Story Adz may be the answer to that fulfillment.

Your campaigns can become that downbeat or electronic drumbeat or portray a subtle elegance of grays and black, that become the call to action for thousands of new buyers.  We bridge the difference between content design and marketing initiatives.




Cathi Patino / Voice Over and Broadcast Media Master


With Masters in Broadcasting Communications and 30+ years, she’s our westcoast voice over talent.

she has 30+ years in professional voice over in radio commercials, story-telling, and ad messaging.

Her amazing voice can be heard nationwide in various marketing projects, with the latest being Farmers Insurance


Barbara Cerda / Writer and Author

Published author and global wordsmith, she has 15+ years of writing/editing technical, financial, economic and publishing

What I do for fun?  Peace and quiet defines my creative work space.

Mario Patino / Voice Over Master

The youngest member of our team, Mario adds his amazing voice to our Millenial and Generation X projects. But often adds that mellow voice to any of our 60 sec video projects.

What I do for fun? Find me a festival and some good music and let me loose.


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Cathi Patino Voice Over Master