Today’s story is about blockchain and our cashless society.

Not too far into the future, traditional banking ecosystems will no longer service cash and carry transactions. Thing is…. most of the world’s buyers are still not prepared for cashless or fintech for their consumption of goods and service needs. But hold your roll.

Profound changes in evolution come quietly and small and midcap businesses are leading the charge with cryptocurrencies being their transactional meme for selling their wares.

The art of the barter remains. Blockchain as a bartering tool is intuitive and elegantly transparent.

Blockchain technology fuels cryptocurrencies with digital funding like Bitcoin. And its magic is weaving global usage across all industries.  To be clear online businesses are finding a home in the fintech universe. Companies like Centify, is pay per read on steroids and using only cryptocurrencies’ as the payment system. Online businesses are the vanguard of the new realities of Fintech. The haunting truths are that traditional banking systems are  aging out while lagging in provisioning network accessible infrastructure needful leaving fintech populations underserved.








Online consumption is emergent and its transactional preference awards digital payment systems like Bitcoin. Think about safer choices in Fintech for business like PayPal and Square.   Square’s agility and adaptability is stunning.  Both eCommerce giants are filling in the gaps where mainstream finance is still struggling with terms.


Fueled by blockchain, the art of the barter remain and the awakening future  of digital purchasing is a given.



This is a wake-up call for your eBusiness and the extreme importance of great digital content…. your customer base is just beginning to grow.

Anticipate with enthusiasm in how your small or midcap eCommerce can begin to mainline digital payment systems that change transactional reality in space and time.

Instant gratification will always be coupled with instant remuneration.

Fintech is emblematic of the end of our old concepts of financial finitude… what we thought was forever.

Digital transaction is not static…. it’s organic. So should your approach to digital content marketing.


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